“Ella is a real person, not just a brand name” 

Ella discovered herbs & aromatherapy at a young age and fell in love. She took various courses in herbal medicine and aromatherapy to expand her knowledge of plants. Ella used to work a day job and cook up her natural beauty care products at night in the kitchen because people kept on asking for them. Fast forward to today- we are sold across Canada and around the world. Ella still insist on finding the best natural ingredients for our products, with as much Canadian content as possible (so we can buy local).

As a truly eco friendly company, we don’t believe anyone needs to buy tons and tons of different product for different body parts. Most of our products are multi use. As consumers, many of us have been trained to think that we cannot use the same product on our face as we do our body. Here at EB we say “If it’s good enough for your face it’s certainly good enough for your body!” And we believe that your face and body deserve the best.

We don't use palm oil (don't want to contribute to destroying any precious rainforest) and use as much Canadian ingredients as possible (so we can buy local). Unlike commercial soaps, we use no sodium laurel sulphate and no harsh, drying chemicals are used. That's why our products are really great. Our products are super gentle and moisturizing, not to mention biodegradable. If you haven't used our products, you don't know what you are missing!